Magenta EP

by Solarno

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Lee Adcock New color, new set of thoughtfully crafted tunes. Don't forget to read the virtual booklet! Favorite track: Three Hours in Magenta.
Telekom 05:55
Watson: But, what, what is this magenta? It is a color, but it does not seem to be a color. It doesn't show up anywhere in this prism Holmes: Well, it's really quite simple. It's complimentary my dear Watson. Look around Watson. In this room we have a prism, a cell phone from T-Mobile, a manuscript from the Codex Rossi, and a jar of coal tar. Watson: But what does this all mean Holmes? Holmes: It means we will find our clever mastermind in northern Italy. Watson: Of course. Holmes: Think about it Watson. It's all about the color magenta and northern Italy. A prism cannot create the color magenta as it is a mixture of both extremes of the color spectrum, requiring both blue or violet and red wavelengths. T-Mobile is the mobile division of Deutsche Telekom whose corporate color is magenta. The Codex Rossi is a collection of fourteenth century music manuscripts from northern Italy. And if you remember your history, the name magenta comes from a coal tar based dye more commonly known as fuchsine which was discovered shortly after the 1859 Battle of Magenta near Magenta Italy. A battle won by Napolean III. Therefore, Moriarty, the Napolean of crime, is who we're after, and we'll find him in Magenta.


*** Download of the entire EP includes a 4-page booklet with full liner notes.***

For those of you keeping score at home, Magenta is the third EP in my series that looks to explore the science and history behind the seven primary additive and subtractive colors. These seven colors represent the CMYK and RGB color spaces.

Magenta itself is a highly unique color in that it does not exist as a part of the traditional, linear spectrum. It's not artificial, per say, just not obvious. For this collection I've curated a selection of tracks that draw inspiration from it's non-linear roots, it's use in identity and branding, the musical history of it's geographic origin, and the history, via warfare, of how the color received it's name. I've even managed to bring all four topics together in one continuous storyline as presented in a final fifth track.

As always, thank you for your interest in my music. I greatly appreciate all of you who invest a little time and/or money to download or listen to my songs.



released May 16, 2013

All production and mastering by Jim Furey at The Robot Junkyard.
Primary mastering was done via Native Instrument's beautiful SSL Console emulator, the Solid Bus Compressor, with additional minor post EQ and limiting via Ozone 5 from iZotope.

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Youtube: solarno72


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Solarno Los Angeles, California

Every song by Solarno has a story behind it, and a goal to create an experience and atmosphere of exploration, not just of the music itself, but also the inspiration behind it.

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