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36Ar + 4He = Love

from Rauthaz EP by Solarno



I'm not sure if I've had a cheesier song title than 36Ar + 4He = Love. How did it come to be? Well, any chemistry majors reading this may be able to figure it out, but those of you who are not chemistry majors and have a life, here is the quicky answer: When Argon and Helium go through a state of fusion (or lovin') inside of a star, they create Calcium. When you combust calcium it burns with a brick red flame, and as mentioned far earlier, red can represent love. 36Ar and 4He happen to be the most stable forms of Argon and Helium, and they create 40Ca. Geeky enough for you?

This 80's synth pop inspired song slowly builds around a passionate synth, an intense bass, and a driving percussion groove to keep the mood and rhythm just right, if you know what I mean. There is a nice full climax followed by just the right amount of cool down and recovery time.

Production notes-
Instruments used: Only two instruments were used for 36Ar, Logic Ultrabeat for drums and the G-Force impOSCar 2 for everything else. Up until this song, my favorite and most versatile soft-synth was the original impOSCar as one could tell from how often I've used it in my productions. That has now been replaced by the impOSCar 2. This version basically takes the original and puts it on a diet of protein and steroids. It's leaner, more powerful, fatter, more organic, and even more versatile than before. It has a presence and gritty nastiness that the original only hinted at.

To add to the intensity and sense of urgency present in 36Ar, this song was written in 7/8 time. This causes everything to seemingly happen just a little bit faster than expected, but still with the control to lead the listener to the pleasurable grand finale.


from Rauthaz EP, released February 28, 2012


all rights reserved



Solarno Los Angeles, California

Every song by Solarno has a story behind it, and a goal to create an experience and atmosphere of exploration, not just of the music itself, but also the inspiration behind it.

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